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What you need to know about KiwiSaver NZ Herald article

Do you know what fund your KiwiSaver is in? And why should you have a Will when you’ve got a KiwiSaver?

Our own Mark Jephson, General Manager for Guardian Trust, gave some input to The Herald into the 10 questions you should ask yourself to make the most of your KiwiSaver.



KiwiSaver hardship claims hit high

Mark Jephson talks to The Herald about a growing trend in Kiwisaver hardship applications.




 The role of a supervisor

This nine-minute video provided by explains the role of a supervisor when investing.


Vanja Thomas for Perpetual Guardian on how to utilise your Kiwisaver

30 May 2016 | Vanja Thomas, Senior Relationship Manager, speaks to Mel of The Café, TV3.

 Kiwisaver: If you're in trouble, you need proof

27 Sep 2015 | Vanja Thomas, Senior Relationship Manager, speaks to Helen of The Herald.

KiwiSaver – the bits that makes us grumpy

11 July 2015 | Bryan Connor, GM Guardian Trust, shares his insights with The Herald.